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About us

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Mr. Tun Aung

Director of EU Office

Myanmar Corn Farmers' Association (MCFA)

Myanmar Corn Farmers' Asociation  is a non- profit federation of corn farmers' associations in Myanmar.

Corn is the second largest grain production in Myanmar. There are nearly 2 millions acre of corn area in Myanmar. We do social developement projects of Corn Marketing and Contract Farming according to the Roadmap.

Our Objectives

  • To Protect Farmers' Rights
  • To improve cultivation of corn
  • To develope production of corn
  • To gain international corn markets
  • To eliminate illicit opium cultivation and production

Vision: All Myanmar's farmers earn enough regular income which is sufficient for their living.


To build capacity and promote empowerment of Myanmar farmers
To advocate for favorable policy change and create enabling environment for farmers
To establish a contract farming system in Myanmar agriculture and livestock sector
To contribute to development of a market-based and quota-based crop cultivation.


Mr. Myint Maung

General Secretary of Corn Farmers' Association


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Roadmap Diagram


Livestock Farming


Bio-Ethanol Plant

Animal Nutrients Mill

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Mr. Aung Kyaw Kyaw

Vice- Chairman of Myanmar Corn Farmers' Association


Cultivation Good Agricultural Practics

  • Health Care for Farmers  and Farm workers
  • Seed Management
  • Soil analysis
  • Fertilizer Management
  • Harvesting
  • HACCP and Quality Control
  • Farm Management

Corn Products Production

Ethanol, oil and Animal Feeds


  • Food Processing
  • Quality Control
  • Silo Storage
  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • logistics

Mr. Min Khaing

Chairman of Myanmar Corn Farmers' Association