EU Office: Friezenstraat 17, 3604AE, Maarssen, The Netherlands,  +31612281919/ +31346795175/ +959264452504 (Myanmar),

Myanmar Office: No 19 (B), 5th Floor, Thadipantanlaan, Kaukmaung, Terwe Township, Yangon, Myanmar, +9594557154267, +959428078081,


Myanmar Corn Farmers' Association



Myanmar Corn Farmers’ Association (MCFA) is a non-profit farmers’ organization supporting farmers and SMEs in Myanmar for their better quality of life since 2016.


In Myanmar, MCFA has 35000 farmer members and affiliated with 2000 entrepreneurs  and 3400 Agro-based SMEs of Edible Oils and Animals Feeds.


MCFA cooperates with Grow Asia Network, Myanmar Agricultural Network, Ministry of Agricultural, Livestock and Irrigation, Ministry of Commerce , and international agricultural organizations MCFA operates according to our roadmap and establishes business models for  farmers.


Win- Win Business of Firms to Farms and Contract Farming are our key business models to reach our goal : women empowerment, better quality of life, sustainability  and poverty reduction through agricultural development in Myanmar.